Recent ccDcc News

ccDcc Winterfest on January 13th brought with it many more great speeches and deserving honorees again this year:


At the May 4, 2017 ccDcc meeting, the lovely Carolyn Elizabeth Klamm was voted the newly elected the newest Committee Member for 18-1, less than a month after she turned 18, the minimum age for the position:







March 23rd ccDcc meeting on the new Voter ID law:

Video of MO Rep Lauren Arthur speaking and answering questions at a Northland event on March 16, 2017.


Stopping for sweets after a recent Social Media Committee Meeting in Liberty, MO.

Missouri ACLU Lead Organizer, MUSTAFA ABDULLAH, spoke at the Northland Democratic Club meeting Feb 21st.  He encouraged us to contact our Missouri legislators on several issues which can be found at this link

He spoke in particular about:
SB287  “Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act”
SB351  “Password Privacy”
HB 351  “Maternal Shackling”
Please contact your legislators about these bills.
There are links to the bills and suggestions for how you can get involved with the ACLU, including joining.